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Cornell Diversity Preview Weekend
In 2018, led by Sue Pierre and Cait McDonald, us graduate students organized and ran the first diversity recruitment in our department at Cornell. It was a beautiful amalgam of collective organizing, teamwork, and faculty and institutional support. I helped organize a workshop, evaluated applications, and volunteered as a mentor. I was lucky to be able to capture the magic of the inaugural event in a few of the videos here.

CLASP is a mutual learning program for Cornell employees and students to work together in learning partnerships. Students are offered course credit while employees are offered paid time to work together on personal learning goals such as computer skills, preparing for the GED, English language learning, and more. I was lucky to be able to participate in the CLASP program and work with Vy for multiple semesters, and hope to drive programs like this at other institutions.

Mentoring future scientists


Mentoring and working with students is one of the best parts of being in science. I have worked with many organizations to mentor students -- the CAPS mentoring program, Cornell's Diversity Preview Weekend mentorship program, EnvironMentors, and most recently, the Cary Institute's REU program


Sarah and I will likely be working with one or more students this upcoming summer in 2021 as well, so check for announcements through the Cary Institute! 

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 8.37.45 PM.png

Community Learning and Service Partnership program

Other organizations that I'm actively involved in

Science communication
I've dabbled in very, very amateur video editing and filming, with the help of a borrowed camera from the Atkinson Center. However, I'm interested in getting some basic equipment and learning some animation skills, so reach out if you have some video ideas and would like to collaborate!
Oh, since I have yet to have published media work to show, I'll mention this: I have one photo credit from a Science News article. And I received an honorable mention nod in a photo competition, once. 
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